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Made in Texas - BKL Technologies, manufacturer of the largest selection of airgun and rimfire scope mounts in the U.S. Competition-grade scope mounting system includes scope mounts, scope rings, dovetail to weaver adaptors, and scope risers that utilize a quick-installing and self-aligning clamping system that fits both 11mm and 3/8" dovetails.

BKL mounts are compatible with popular rimfire manufacturers such as Anschutz, CZ, Feinwerkbau, Marlin, Remington, Savage, Suhl and air rifle manufacturers such as Air Arms, AirForce, Beeman, Benjamin, BSA, Crosman, Daystate, Diana, Gamo and Webley

If you have a BSA rifle such as a Lightning with a 14mm Maxigrip rail go right to the BKL 400 range models, they will fit and solve your problem!

BKL 200 Series 1" Rings
For 1-inch scope tubes. Designed to fit all standard 3/8” rimfire rifles and 11mm airgun dovetail rails. Available in single or double strap, offset, high, unitized, regular or drop-compensated, 6-screw unitized, and bolt action.
BKL 300 Series 30mm rings
The 300 series from BKL offers scope rings and mounts designed to fit 30mm scope tubes and 3/8-in or 11mm dovetails. Available in Single or Double Strap Rings, Offset, Unitized, 6-Screw Unitized & Bolt Action Mounts.
BKL 400 Series 1" 14mm base rings
The 400 series from BKL offers scope rings and mounts designed to fit 1" scope tubes and 14mm dovetails.