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Very high quality mounts and bases from Hawke optics (UK)
Hawke Adjustable Mounts
When zeroing at close or very far distances, its common for the turrets to reach the end of their adjustment. An option is to pack the mounts with additional material to raise the rear (or front) of the scope. By doing this, you risk damaging the scope tube. The correct solution is to use the new Hawke Adjustable Mounts.
Hawke Reach Forward Mounts
Reach forward mounts offer greater flexibility when mounting riflescopes with wide saddles or oversized side-wheels. Reach forward mounts can also be useful when mounting scopes with very long or very short eye relief.
Hawke Tactical Match Mounts
Hawke Tactical Match Mounts are Precision triple screw aluminium mounts with the added benefit of a Picatinny rail on each ring enabling accessories to be mounted close to the scope. Supplied with standard ring tops as well.