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Heated Insoles and Socks

Blazewear Heated Socks with Removable heating elements - CLEARANCE

Blazewear Heated socks are brilliant for cold weather Hunting, Fishing, Winter sports and cold toes at any time
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Heated socks from Blazewear with removable PVC coated waterproof heating elements allowing use as normal socks and easy washing.

They are a one size stretch fabric knee length sock - of course how far they come to your knee will vary a bit depending on how long your lower leg is but in general they will go close to the knee making them ideal for use with boots as well as shoes.

Heating detail

There is a small pocket on the ball of the foot where you insert the heating element.
This heats the ball of the foot and your toes - the places where cold causes major problems.
The heating generates gentle warmth, the objective to keep your feet comfortable rather than make them hot.
This makes them ideal for stationary or slow activity cold weather use, for example:
  • Fishing
  • Hunting
  • Stables work
  • Sailing
  • Gardening
  • Spectator sports
  • Outdoor work jobs
  • Gentle walking

Power and use

Powered using standard AA rechargeable batteries or optional extra Blazewear rechargeable lithium polymer batteries.
You use them by putting the heating elements in the pockets and attaching them by leads to the battery boxes. You secure the battery boxes on your legs using the supplied garters.

With standard AA batteries you will get 2-3 hours of warmth - varies according to quality of battery. We advise using premium quality re-chargeable AA batteries for best performance.

For even better life get the optional Blazewear Lithium Polymer battery pack which offers approx. 5 hours of warmth. See link below to find this extra power battery pack.

Supplied with
  • One pair, one size, knee length socks + 2 removable heating elements.
  • One pair battery boxes taking 2 x 3AA batteries (batteries not included).
  • One pair garters to hold battery boxes.


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Brand Blazewear
Code NW506
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