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We are being asked a variation of this several times a day now - "I am in the EU can I still order because of brexit" ...thank you UK Conservatives and leavers you have f*cked everything up...

The answer our dear valued EU colleagues and customers is this:

There is no brexit problem (yet). The UK officially left EU 31st January but nothing will change at all until at earliest December 31st 2020. Until then there is what is called the Transition Period while the UK and EU negotiate the future of trade between themselves. Until then no change.

After December 31st 2020
If there is no trade deal or the UK does not stay in the customs union (very likely :( then it will be like now when we or anyone else in the EU sends to a non EU destination like Switzerland, Canada, New Zealand, USA, Australia etc (we do that all the time with no problems)

Depending on their local import regulations they pay some sort of import tax though most have some limit in value under which they pay nothing. In addition we do not charge VAT on non EU orders - so it works out equal or better than equal....In fact most of the time better for them as we mark the values low to reduce or eliminate tax.

Brexit is a disaster in many ways for the UK but for now there is 100% no change at all and afterwards the impact on private customer sales will be minor.

Please just buy as usual as it is literally business as usual for now.