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Lamping Accessories

Clulite Shootalite 4 Colour Filter Set

Clulite 4 colour filter set, red, amber, green, blue for Shootalite lamps
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A simple, easy to fit 4 colour filter set for the Clulite Shootalite Gunlight ONLY

Note - Is NOT compatible with other Clulite lights ONLY the Shootalite model codes SL1 and SL2. Please ask if unsure.

To use you just clip the filter to the front of your Shootalite with colour disc of choice fitted to produce either red, amber, green or blue light to suit conditions and objectives.

To change colour just take out the disc and replace with the new one.

To go to white light, unclip and stow the filters.

Set consists of the A37R red filter which is disc and clip on rim frame plus A39A, B and G, amber, blue and green discs that slot in to the rim frame.

Effects of the different colours -

  • Red - Most popular for night spotting of light shy animals. Decreased visible light signature plus very good if being used in conjunction with night vision devices
  • Amber - Ideal for minimizing glare in dust or foggy conditions.
  • Blue - Improves clarity of vision and good in rain.
  • Green - Specifically for spotting animals with sensitive eyes. Decreased visible light signature.
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Brand Clulite
Code NW181 NW86 NW85 NW87
Weight 0.2kg
MPN A37R A39A A39G A39B