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Eyesight Shooting Systems - Eyepal and EasyHit Fiber optic sights

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It is estimated that 70% of the worlds adult population use or should use some form of vision correction or enhancement.

In shooting this need is even more important. Issues that might not affect you in everyday life such as eye dominance and middle vision can cause serious loss of accuracy when shooting.

This section covers solutions to vision issues encountered by shooters as well as relate accessory/related eye products such as glasses

EyePal is a visual shooting aid for glasses wearer shooting iron sights and reflex/dot sights using rifles, handguns, shotguns and bows. Simple yet incredibly effective. Made in the USA it helps with eye dominance issues as well as short and long sight. See detailed blog article about solving eye dominance here (EyePal Peep Sighting System is a product of Resident Artist Studio LLC)

EasyHit - world famous fiber optic sights for shotgun game and clay shooters. Eliminates eye dominance and middle vision issues as well as enforcing head on stock alignment discipline.

Our Easyhit sight beads are the original and still the best on the market by far. Do not be misled by cheaper imitations that make use of the Easyhit name in their adverts in order to imply, by association, that their product is just as good but lower in price. Yes, they are cheaper - and more flimsy in construction....and flimsy is not a desirable quality for a product that spends its life on the barrel of a high recoil shotgun!

Example EyePal user review -
“I shoot 10 m air pistol in competitions in the UK with a Morini 162 EI , this past year has been very difficult, with shooting cross dominant and my vision deteriorating. An eye exam revealed developing cataracts on both eyes + floaters. In desperation I ordered an EyePal kit from Charles, who gave me a lot of guidance and support on how to switch dominance for shooting. I would not have thought this possible as I am strongly dominant in the left eye but shoot right handed.
The EyePal gives me a clear sight picture (which of course is essential in precision shooting), and easier shooting using my right eye. Another club member tried my spare one and was so impressed he immediately ordered his own.
I’m very pleased with this shooting aid, I feel a lot more positive about my shooting now.”

Gunmart EyePal review read it here