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Red and Green Dot Reflex Sights

GECO Red Dot Sight Compact 1x20 2MOA Weaver/Picatinny all caliber sight

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Ideal for hunting fast-moving game over rugged terrain. The finely staged, dimmable illuminated dot with 2 MOA diameter lets you acquire the target quickly and intuitively.
  • Weaver/picatinny base (removable to allow for alternatives to be fitted)
  • Tube Diameter (mm) 30 - lens 20mm
  • Length 67mm
  • Weight 130g
  • Field ov view (m/100)  100
  • 2 MOA DOT
  • 11 intensity levels suit all light levels
Extended field of view for optimum observation

Lightweight construction for optimum handling

Eyecups made from highest-quality aluminium

Removable elasticated lens caps

Lens cloth

GECO is a brand of RUAG Ammotec GmbH (Germany) - We believe they are also made in Germany as there is no alternate made in mark on them and the box states RUAGs German address as origin. review
The R20, is a compact, tubed design of familiar build, it measures 30 x 67mm and weighs 130-grams, which includes a Weaver/ Picatinny, screw-tensioned claw base. This is removable, and an alternative system can be substituted.

The layout differs in two ways, the windage turret is on the left, the rheostat drum also, but angled in at 45º. So, if you’re used to the windage on the right, you might initially mount it back to front; I did!

Turrets are capped with slot headed adjusters.

The dot again is 2MOA and offers 11 brightness settings, shape is good and easily seen even in bright sunlight at maximum.

Oddly the numbers on the drum are printed upside down, no big deal as you can see what they are; why?

Power comes from a CR2032 coin battery housed inside the rheostat and a bikini-type rubber lens covers are included.

I shot the dots on both rimfire and fullbore rifles without any problems and would use the R20 for driven hunting and like the greater illumination subtlety from its 11-position rheostat and mounting system.
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Brand GECO
Code NW1915
Weight 0.26kg
EAN 4000294192197
MPN GS2319219
Length 67mm