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Hawke Lens Covers, Sunshades, Sidewheels

Hawke Metal Flip up Lens Caps for Hawke Rifle Scopes 2015 models and later

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Produced from high grade aluminium. Easy to operate using one hand, the covers are designed to protect the lenses when not in use.

Covers are easily installed and can be securely positioned to open in any desired direction.

Compatible with Hawke 2015 collection following models: But see notes below as there are some specific fitting rules
  • Airmax 1", Airmax 30 and Airmax 30 Compact
  • Panorama
  • Sidewinder 30
  • Vantage
  • Endurance - Objective only. No Ocular fit
  • Frontier 30 SF

Sold as single caps - NOT pairs. For both ends you must buy an Ocular and Objective cap

Ocular caps
NOT compatible with Endurance,
Frontier or XB/XB1 crossbow scopes

Ocular Size 1 - is for Vantage 1" models and Airmax 30 Compact

Ocular Size 2 - For Vantage 30, Airmax 1", Airmax full size 30, Panorama and Sidewinder 30 models after 2015 and XB30 Pro

For pre 2015 Sidewinders get the Hawke Thread Adapter for ocular model 62190, our product code NW1344.

Objective covers
Will fit Endurance models.

Sidewinder pre 2015 and Frontier models require thread adapter.

If in doubt please ask, returns for non fitting are a costly pain all round.

Will not fit any non Hawke make or model scope or any pre 2015 Hawke.

Size options - see drop down list

Model definitions:

AO - these are for scopes with an Adjustable Objective i.e., AO - for example, the Vantage 4-12x50 AO

Non AO - Therefore are for scopes without an AO e.g., the Vantage 3-12x44 SF.

On our site all scopes with AO have it mentioned in the title. But if in doubt please ask.

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Brand Hawke
Code NW1309
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