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Sidewinder 30 & FFP scopes

Hawke Sidewinder Tac 30mm 8.5-25x42 SF IR 20x Half Mil Rifle scope 17120

Hawke Sidewinder Tac 30mm 8.5-25x42 SF IR 20x Half Mil Rifle scope 17120

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1/4 MOA per click. 70 MOA range. Length: 407mm / 16" Discontinued by Hawke so priced to clear
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Hawke Sidewinder Tac 30mm 8.5-25x42 Side Focus etched glass Red-Green-Black 20x Half Mil Rifle scope + screw in Lens Caps, 50mm Sidewheel and screw in Sunshade - 17120

Previously top of the range premium Hawke Sidewinder Tactical Side Focus. 30mm body encompasses a high quality optical system with fully multi-coated glass.

Providing a sharp, bright and high resolution image in all light conditions


>>> Suitable for any caliber rifle or airgun with 30mm mono tube for strong, stable performance even on brutal long range calibers such as the .338 Lapua.

>>> Etched glass 20x Half Mil dot - beautiful clear, fine view and unbreakable

>>> Supplied with metal flip up lens caps, 100mm screw in sunshade and 50mm fine focus sidewheel

Mounts to fit it onto a rifle ARE NOT included
See mount rings section of shop for rings. Requires 30mm diameter rings High profile height. Be sure to choose the correct base for your rifle type such as 9-11mm airgun/rimfire or 20mm weaver/picatinny. Please ask if unsure. We can also help with picatinny adapter bases for rifles such as Tikka, SAKO, CZ, Ruger, Remington, Howa, Weatherby, Marlin etc (See Britannia Rails section for many picatinny adapter bases)

Key Features:

  • Etched glass reticle: 20x half mil dot.
  • 18 layer fully multi coated optics for beautiful crisp clarity
  • 8.5-25x variable magnification.
  • Medium 42mm 8 layer fully multi coated lens.
Dual colour Red / Green reticle illumination - 5 red and 5 green settings - or turn off for plain black.
  • 2" (50mm) side wheel - use optional. Take it off when not required.
  • Coil erector spring provides extra smooth stability during recoil.

30mm mono-tube withstands the heaviest recoil and offers top class light transmission.

  • Locking and resettable ¼ M.O.A target style turrets.
  • Locking ocular and high torque zoom ring

Additional Features:

  • Metal flip up lens covers to protect your investment.
  • 100mm Screw in sunshade for glare and reflection elimination.
  • Waterproof, Shockproof and Fog Proof.
  • All firearm caliber rated - use on anything from recoiless PCP airguns to shoulder busting monster hunters.
  • Hawke Worldwide Warranty.

Etched glass 20x Half Mil Dot Reticle with Red-Green illumination

True mil spacing at 20x magnification. The hollow bars are calibrated for 0.2 mil spacing and mil spacing. Fully floating glass etched reticle with red and green illumination. The mil spacing segments of the hollow bars can also be used to accurately range find targets.


Reticle illumination brightness adjustment is positioned on the side focus turret. This allows 5 red and 5 green settings. The settings have been carefully considered to produce low enough illumination levels for dawn and dusk shooting

Benefits of Glass Etched Reticles and Illumination
Glass-etched reticles are way superior to wire for several reasons, most notably is how much finer and cleaner they are when viewed through the scope.

A glass etched reticle, also cannot be broken. Anyone who has shot enough has seen a wire reticle actually break within the reticle field. As the reticle design is etched into the reticle lens, it is static and cannot physically be broken.

All Hawke scopes that are illuminated use the superior glass-etched reticles which as the added benefit of zero internal light reflection which occurs to some extent in illuminated scopes with wire reticles.

This superior design requires an additional cost, but even if you don’t plan to use the illumination, the glass-etched reticle is a feature with value to the shooter.

Illumination comes into its own when shooting targets that are either naturally dark or made dark by light conditions such as shadow, dawn dusk, very bright light or night shooting with lamps or night vision kit.

Without Illumination a black reticle can be very hard to make out against the target. Illumination fixes this problem and gives immediate contrast. Adjust intensity according to the light conditions.

42mm Fully multi Coated Lens
Optimum performance in low light conditions, while offering excellent range finding properties.

Coupled with a 30mm diameter tube and etched glass reticle give amazing light capture, light transfer, big field of view, fast target acquisition and above all a beautiful crisp view.


Adjust between 8.5x and 25x. Excellent for medium to long range.

Side Turret Parallax Focus
Side focusing system designed to parallax from 10yds to infinity.

Parallax effect is the term that describes the difference in angles between objects that are seen up close and those seen far away. When you look at telephone poles passing by on the side of the road, those closest to your car seem to pass very fast, while the ones far away seem to go very slow. That difference is due to the parallax effect.

The reticle in your scope is like a telephone pole that's very close. If you move your head on the stock while watching the target through the scope the reticle may seem to move, wobble or blur against the target. That affects where you perceive the aim point to be, and that affects your accuracy. Parallax focus correction adjustment reduces this phenomenon to the greatest extent possible.

Parallax focus correction therefore is a must for anyone attempting to use either a high magnification scope, shooting drastically different yardages with the same scope or anyone attempting to shoot at extremely close ranges or extremely long ranges. Especially so if it is a combination of these factors.

This scope features Parallax focus correction by way of the left side turret which can be sued on its own or with larger sidewheel which allows for finer adjustment. Sidewheel is included in the box.

Lock and Reset Turrets
The open sniper style turrets are calibrated to ¼ MOA per click. To adjust the turrets the whole assembly is pulled up to unlock, then once adjusted they can be securely locked into position by pushing the turret back down.

The turrets are simply reset to "0" by loosening a hex screw on the top.


  • Chassis: 30mm Mono-tube
  • Optical System: 8.5-25×
  • Objective: 42mm
  • Reticle: 20x Half Mil dot - etched glass
  • Illumination: Red / Green - 5 Levels
  • Focus/Parallax: Side Focus - 9m / 10yds to Infinity
  • Field of View: m @100m / ft @100yds - 4.2-1.3m / 12.7 - 3.9ft
  • Eye relief: 89mm / 3.5"
  • Length: 407mm / 16"
  • Weight: 781g / 27.5oz
Waterproof, Shockproof, Nitrogen purged.

All calibre rated.
  • Material: Magnesium Alloy
  • Exit Pupil: 5 - 2mm / 0.2 - 0.1"
  • Ocular Type: Fast Focus
  • Lens Coating: Fully Multi-Coated - 18 Layers
  • Power Selector Style: Knurled Posi-Grip
  • Warranty: Hawke Worldwide Warranty
  • Elevation and Windage Adjustment Range: 70 MOA
  • Elevation and Windage Adjustment Increment: ¼ MOA
  • Turret Caps: NA
  • Turret Type: Exposed
  • 2"/50mm Side Wheel
  • 4"/100mm Screw-in Sunshade
  • Pointer
  • Metal Flip up Covers
  • Lens Cloth
  • CR2032 Battery

  • MPN:
  • EAN:
  • Length:
    407mm / 16"
  • Click value:
    1/4 MOA
  • Brand:
  • Product Code:
  • Weight:
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