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This is a guide to how to pay for your order if you are not sure.

You can pay by:
We will assume first that you have products in your basket and are ready to pay.

In this example you want to get a very nice Bushnell Trail Cam in your basket and decide to pay. Click to add it to your basket.

First Stage Checkout. When you add a product to your basket you will go to the first stage of checkout. Here you can continue and pay or go back to the shop.

If you are familiar with the PayPal process you can zoom directly to PayPal from here using the "Check out with PayPal" button.

If unsure then we will take the example now as one where you click the Checkout button. You can still use PayPal later if you wish.

First thing to do - fill in your billing and/or delivery address details.

Now go further down the page to select your payment method.

If you choose 128bit secure server you will go to this page. Note that you can still divert to PayPal. See under this image for a PayPal route guide.

You will not go through the 3D secure service hosted,  in this case by PayPal to complete payment. Remember, No PayPal account is required for this, they are simply the payment platform host.

Paying by PayPal

We know PayPal has it critics (any payment system does) but we have used them for years and are very happy. It is easy to use and fast. Plus you no longer need a PayPal account to use the PayPal system - that is history now. You can pay using a guest account on the PayPal site and it is mega secure.

Here is the PayPal payment route.

When you click on a Pay with PayPal button you will move to this page on PayPal's website. Note name Nickwake LLP - that is the company owner name of Tacticalscope.

If you don't have a PayPal account just click on the Don't have account link.

If you do have a PayPal account then you'll just follow the normal process through. We'll assume you know how to do that, it's very simple as we're sure you know.

If paying as a guest here is the page you will go to - fill in the details and you're done. The payment record will be communicated back to the website and order processed as usual.