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Leapers 3-12x44 Compact PX SF Illuminated Etched MilDot Rifle Scope + QD Mount Rings SCP3-UGM312AOIEW
Leapers 3-12x44 Compact PX SF Illuminated Etched MilDot Rifle Scope + QD Mount Rings SCP3-UGM312AOIEW
Leapers 3-12x44 Compact PX SF Illuminated Etched MilDot Rifle Scope + QD Mount Rings SCP3-UGM312AOIEW
Leapers 3-12x44 Compact PX SF Illuminated Etched MilDot Rifle Scope + QD Mount Rings SCP3-UGM312AOIEW
Leapers 3-12x44 Compact PX SF Illuminated Etched MilDot Rifle Scope + QD Mount Rings SCP3-UGM312AOIEW

Leapers 3-12x44 Compact PX SF Illuminated Etched MilDot Rifle Scope + QD Mount Rings SCP3-UGM312AOIEW

1/4 MOA clicks. Length: 26.4cm (10.3") Etched glass reticle version.
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Leapers UTG Premium 3-12x44 Compact PX side focus 36 Colour Illuminated Etched Glass MilDot Rifle Scope + LE Grade Weaver Rings + Hinged Flip Up Covers - SCP3-UGM312AOIEW 


Mounts to fit it onto a 20mm weaver base rifle ARE included Leapers Quick Detach Twist Lock Law Enforcement Grade picatinny mounts (for 20mm width bases) are included in the box. If you need 9-13mm airgun base type then you will need to buy them in addition as we cannot swap them out. See bottom of page for mount choices.

Etched glass reticle for superior vision, clarity, recoil proof and absolutely no light spill - Etched glass = Premium scope vision and durability.

>>> For All Types and Power of Hunting rifle and Air Rifles - (see testing on powerful spring air rifles and scope killer firearms info below)

>>> The very latest model from Leapers.

>>> Big 30mm tube for superior light transmission. Means the 44mm lens performs more like a 50mm lens on a 1" tube scope.

>>> 36 Colour illuminated Range Estimating Mil dot Reticle

>>> Premium Zero lock and reset zero 1/4 MOA turrets.

>>> Ideal for hunting, targets and CQB

>>> Supplied with premium grade QD mounts and hinged flip up caps.

New in box

  • Leapers UTG True Strength 1 piece tube construction. Waterproof - Shockproof - Fogproof - Recoil proof.
  • Nitrogen filled and sealed tube.
  • Crystal clear vision through fully multi coated camera quality lenses.
  • Parallax from 10 yards to infinity (by turret sidewheel, also is Leapers 60, 80 and 100mm sidewheel compatible)
  • Length: 26.4cm (10.3")
  • Weight (without mounts): 649 grams (23.2oz)
Genuine Leapers sourced direct from Leapers. NOT a cheap clone. There are many low price Leapers copy scopes from far east direct sellers and even UK sellers who should know better on eBay. We guarantee this is a genuine Leapers scope, a fact you can verify when you get it if you check the serial number with Leapers customer support.


EZ Tap Illumination 36 colour illuminated Etched Glass mil dot cross-hairs

A great help in low light, bright light, strange light! Allsorts of applications for different prey and targets in all ranges of lights and against different backgrounds and terrain.

Basically illumination helps when light conditions or the color of a target make it so that targets are in some degree of shadow. In such cases a black crosshair will merge with the target or background making pinpointing the shot impact point really difficult. Illumination solves this problem by giving you sharp contrast of the impact point against the background shadow.

Benefits of Glass Etched Reticles
Glass-etched reticles are way superior to wire for several reasons, most notable is how much more crisp, fine and clean your view is when you look thorough the scope.

A glass etched reticle, also cannot be broken. Anyone who has shot enough has seen a wire reticle actually break within the reticle field. As the reticle design is etched into the reticle lens, it is static and cannot physically be broken.

All illuminated scopes with glass-etched reticles have the added benefit of zero internal light reflection which occurs to some extent in illuminated scopes with wire reticles.

  • EZ Tap is an innovative, low profile illumination control with 2 soft and ergonomic control buttons designed for easy and fast hand/finger operations.
  • Circuit and housing design for uninterrupted illumination even under heavy recoil.
  • Memory allows quick, easy adjustment to your preferred brightness, rapid switching between red and green illumination, and maintaining brightness last used when changing reticle color or turning light back on.

Push both buttons at same time and hold to enter 36 colour reticle mode

The Mil-Dot Reticule was developed by US Marine snipers in the 70s to improve range estimation. It is now the most popular fieldsports crosshair about.

Wide field of view and edge to edge lens clarity makes this a true hunting scope, you'll be able to pick up quarry on the peripheral edge of the sight picture.

The innovatively designed Leapers Mil Dot reticle has improved upon the standard mil dot by giving you more reference points for quick range estimation during shooting.

44mm Fully Multi Coated Lens:

  • Good medium-large lens size.
  • Excellent light capture coupled with fast target acquisition and moving target tracking.
  • Good for all light conditions especially good in lower light.
  • Multi layer coating gives excellent light transmission and clarity

3-12x magnification

  • Variable 3-12x magnification - Very good all round level of adjustment.
  • Ocular focus from 5 yards. Parallax from 10.
  • Easy, fast dial adjustment.
  • Exceptional close range focus clarity

Finger Click Adjust Lock and Reset Windage and Elevation Turrets:

Windage/elevation target turret with center hex screw to control zero locking, zeroing and zero resetting functions

Easy, fast adjust 1/4 MOA at 100 yards with 140 clicks of movement.

  • Windage and elevation is how you set the scope so that your shot falls where the cross-hair says it will. AKA - zeroing.
  • Set it up (instructions supplied) and put the protective caps back on so that your settings stay in place. Simple.

140 click range (1/4 MOA)

Parallax Adjustment

At longer distances targets will often "seem" to drift or wobble against their background making locking on them very difficult. This effect is known as parallax. If accurate shots at distance are important to you - small prey head shots, target shooting comps etc then being able to get rid of this problem is critical to your success.

Scopes such as this have Parallax adjustment which basically means you are able to adjust the scope using the twist dial in this case on the lens to factor it out of the equation and give you rock solid target lock at any distance.

The effect varies in intensity and effect at different ranges so the scope features a range of adjustment settings.

  • Parallax yard settings: 10, 12, 25, 35, 50, 100, 200, 500, infinity.
  • Adjusted by side focus turret - (SF)

Compatible with Leapers 60mm, 80mm and 100mm sidewheels - NOT included - See Related items (if in stock)

Leapers True Strength Platform = Mega strong recoil proof scopes

Leapers have designed an ultra strong 1 piece scope basically.

Using what they call smart spherical structure (SSS) to achieve simplified and strengthened inner/outer tube interaction for exceptionally precise and responsive W/E adjustment and super tough resistance against a lifetime of recoil.

Dealer test results

To see pictures and video of the tests go to and type 3-12x44 into the search box in the top right corner. Go to the 3-12x44 compact page and click on the tab that says "TS Platform" Wait for the intro video to play and then click on the Real World Testing and Expert Reviews link.

Dealer test results

Air rifle kick - spring air rifles, unlike firearms, kick both ways and harder forwards. This 2 way snap can be fatal for scopes. The hardest recoil springer in the business is Webley's Patriot (AKA the Kodiak) which is known to bruise shoulders if held too loose or a headache if held too tight!

This scope was tested with 750 shots of the heaviest pellets which were measured at 30lbs/foot in pressure and the scope passed with no problems at all.

Firearms/hunting rifle tests - A .416 Rigby (AKA the "Scope Killer") which has a huge recoil was used on the 3-9x40 and 3-9x50. 350 shots fired and scopes inspected immediately afterwards. Dealer comments: Performed well. Grouping excellent. Optical clarity excellent in a high humidity and temperature environment. Adjustment tracking or point of impact remain reliable.





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Brand Leapers UTG
Code NW405
Weight 1.1kg
EAN 4712274528857
Length Length: 26.4cm (10.3")
Click value 1/4 MOA