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Leapers UTG

Leapers UTG 3-12x32 PX 3 yards MilDot Compact Scope 9-11mm Rings SCP-M312AOD
Leapers UTG 3-12x32 PX 3 yards MilDot Compact Scope 9-11mm Rings SCP-M312AOD
Leapers UTG 3-12x32 PX 3 yards MilDot Compact Scope 9-11mm Rings SCP-M312AOD
Leapers UTG 3-12x32 PX 3 yards MilDot Compact Scope 9-11mm Rings SCP-M312AOD
Leapers UTG 3-12x32 PX 3 yards MilDot Compact Scope 9-11mm Rings SCP-M312AOD

Leapers UTG 3-12x32 PX 3 yards MilDot Compact Scope 9-11mm Rings SCP-M312AOD

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205mm compact
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Leapers UTG 3-12x32 Side Focus parallax from PX 3 yards - 9 dot MilDot Compact Rifle Scope SCP-M312AOD

With flip up lens caps, sunshade and Torx screw 9-11mm dovetail base mount rings

Compatible with Leapers Bug Buster 80mm sidewheel (model code SCP-SW080BB - Not included)

Built on true strength platform, completely sealed and nitrogen filled, shockproof, fogproof and rainproof


>>> All caliber rated - see testing on powerful spring air rifles and scope killer firearms info below.

>>> 1" tube with best in class multi emerald coated lenses for maximum light transmission & clarity

>>> 9 dot Range Estimating Mil dot Reticle

>>> Premium Zero lock and reset zero 1/3 MOA turrets

>>> "Bug Buster" - parallax focus from 3 yards - Perfect for ultra short to medium range hunting

>>> Side focus turret parallax focus. Compatible with Leapers Bug Buster 80mm sidewheel

>>> Accessories included - Complete with 2" sunshade, high quality flip-open lens caps, cleaning cloth and 9-11mm dovetail rings to suit the majority of air rifles and rimfire rifles

New in box

Genuine Leapers sourced direct from Leapers. NOT a cheap clone. There are many low price Leapers copy scopes about. Copy scopes are built on inferior scope blanks and use low grade optics. Serial number can be checked and verified with Leapers support.

9 dot mil dot reticle

Nine dots are featured spanning each side of the reticle's origin in the left, right, up, and down directions.

These provide 18 points of aim across for both windage and elevation. When including the reticle's origin and the inner edges of the reticle's outer duplex a total of 21 points of aim are available.

32mm Fully Multi Coated Lens:

  • Excellent light capture coupled compact low bulk and fast target acquisition and moving target tracking.
  • Suitable for all light conditions.
  • Multi layer coating gives excellent light transmission and clarity of vision while limiting glare and reflection.

3-12x magnification

  • Variable 3-12 magnification - Flexible all round level of adjustment.
  • Parallax focus from 3 yards. The classic Leapers "Bug Buster"
  • Easy, fast dial adjustment.
  • Crisp focus clarity and view

Side Turret Parallax Focus
Parallax effect is the term that describes the difference in angles between objects that are seen up close and those seen far away. When you look at telephone poles passing by on the side of the road, those closest to your car seem to pass very fast, while the ones far away seem to go very slow. That difference is due to the parallax effect.

The reticle in your scope is like a telephone pole that's very close. If you move your head on the stock while watching the target through the scope the reticle may seem to move, wobble or blur against the target. That affects where you perceive the aim point to be, and that affects your accuracy. Parallax focus correction adjustment reduces this phenomenon to the greatest extent possible.

Parallax focus correction therefore is a must for anyone attempting to use either a high magnification scope, shooting drastically different yardages with the same scope or anyone attempting to shoot at extremely close ranges or extremely long ranges. Especially so if it is a combination of these factors.

This scope features Parallax focus correction by use of the side turret

The turret is compatible with Leapers 80mm Bug Buster sidewheel ONLY.

Finger Click Adjust Lock and Reset Windage and Elevation Turrets:

Windage/elevation target turret with center hex screw to control zero locking, zeroing and zero resetting functions. Instructions included.

1/3" MOA

Leapers True Strength Platform = Strong recoil proof scopes

Simplified and strengthened inner/outer tube interaction for exceptionally precise and responsive W/E adjustment and super tough resistance against a lifetime of recoil.

Dealer test results

To see pictures and video of the tests go to and type 3-12x32 into the search box in the top right corner. Go to the 3-12x32 page and click on the tab that says "TS Platform" Wait for the intro video to play and then click on the Real World Testing and Expert Reviews link.

Dealer test results

Air rifle kick - spring air rifles, unlike firearms, kick both ways and harder forwards. This 2 way snap can be fatal for scopes. The hardest recoil springer in the business is Webley's Patriot (AKA the Kodiak) which is known to bruise shoulders if held too loose or a headache if held too tight!

This scope was tested with 750 shots of the heaviest pellets which were measured at 30lbs/foot in pressure and the scope passed with no problems at all.

Firearms/hunting rifle tests - A .416 Rigby (AKA the "Scope Killer") which has a huge recoil was used on the 3-9x40 and 3-9x50. 350 shots fired and scopes inspected immediately afterwards. Dealer comments: Performed well. Grouping excellent. Optical clarity excellent in a high humidity and temperature environment. Adjustment tracking or point of impact remain reliable.


Mounts fit 9-11mm airgun/rimfire dovetail bases.


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Brand Leapers UTG
Code NW1966
Weight 0.76kg
EAN 4717385552869
Length 205mm