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Nikko Stirling Mountmaster

Nikko Mountmaster 6-18x44 AO IR Half Mil Dot Reticle Rifle Scope + 9-11mm Mounts

1/8 MOA clicks. Length: 370mm / 14.6"
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Superb all rounder air rifle and rimfire budget scope

>>> 25mm/1 inch tube with multi coated lenses for excellent light transmission and visual clarity

>>> For all types of air rifle and rimfire

  • Full size 1 piece 25mm tube
  • Waterproof - Shockproof - Fogproof - Recoil proof for all but the hardest recoil springers/magnums
  • Nitrogen filled and sealed tube
  • Crystal clear vision through fully multi emerald coated camera quality lenses
  • Excellent focus clarity at all ranges
  • Parallax adjustable from 10 yards to infinity gives you much easier and faster focus at a variety of ranges.
Mounts to fit it onto a standard air rifle base are included
Nikko Match Rings to fit 3/8" (9-11mm) width dovetail grooved air gun/rimfire type base are supplied. If you need, for example, 20mm weaver/picatinny mounts then you will need to buy them in addition to the scope. Please ask if unsure 

Genuine Nikko Stirling rifle scope. UK importer supplied with UK warranty.

Half Mil Dot Reticle cross-hair

The classic mil dot with the addition of half mil dashes in-between the main mil dots. Providing more range estimation and holdover points.

With this illuminated version you also have the option to change from black to 5 levels of red or green illumination.


Red and green IR

Red and green with 5 intensity levels on each colour and turned off for plain black.

  • Side turret control.
  • IR is very useful in low and bright light where it allows you to get better contrast of the reticle against dark backgrounds.
  • Use levels 1-3 for low light and 4-5 in daylight.

44mm Fully Multi Coated Lens:

  • An effective medium size lens that gives you lot of light capture and transmission resulting in an excellent view.
  • Fast target acquisition and moving target tracking.
  • Fully multi coated with emerald to protect and limit glare and reflections

6-18x variable magnification

  • Well suited to rimfire and air rifle shooting from 10 yards to as far as rimfires can effectively range.
  • Easy, fast magnification dial adjustment.
  • High clarity premium A grade camera quality lens.

Ocular focus at 4-5 yards. Parallax from 10 yards

Zero it with Windage and Elevation Turrets:

Windage/elevation target turrets with finger click adjustment.

1/8 MOA - image below shows regular Mountmaster 1/4 MOA turrets. This model is 1/8 MOA (3.5mm at 100 metres) per click. 25 full MOA range.

Parallax Focus Adjustment - AO - Adjustable Objective (front lens casing)

Parallax effect is the term that describes the difference in angles between objects that are seen up close and those seen far away. When you look at telephone poles passing by on the side of the road, those closest to your car seem to pass very fast, while the ones far away seem to go very slow. That difference is due to the parallax effect.

The reticle in your scope is like a telephone pole that's very close. If you move your head on the stock while watching the target through the scope the reticle may seem to move, wobble or blur against the target. That affects where you perceive the aim point to be, and that affects your accuracy. Parallax focus correction adjustment reduces this phenomenon to the greatest extent possible.

Parallax focus correction therefore is a must for anyone attempting to use either a high magnification scope, shooting drastically different yardages with the same scope or anyone attempting to shoot at extremely close ranges or extremely long ranges. Especially so if it is a combination of these factors.

This scope features Parallax focus correction from 10 yards and up

Adjusted by the objective i.e., it is an AO "Adjustable Objective" scope.

  • Magnification 6-18x  
  • Obj. Diameter (mm) 44
  • FOV m at 100m - 1.8-5.2
  • FOV ft at 100 yards - 5.5-15.7
  • Click Value mm at 100m: 3.5mm - 1/8 MOA
  • E/W range (MOA) 25
  • Eye Relief (mm) 85 / 3.3"
  • Tube Diameter: 25mm - 1 inch
  • Length: 370mm / 14.6"
  • Weight: 452 grams / 15.9oz
  • Parallax (m) 9.1m/10 yards to infinity
  • Illuminated Reticle - Yes. Red and Green
  • Reticle - Half Mil Dot (wire)
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Brand Nikko Stirling
Code NW1764
Weight 1.1kg
EAN 9420001436690
Length 370mm / 14.6"
Click value 1/8 MOA