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Nikko Steel Lok QD rings

Nikko Steel Lok Quick Detach, Weaver/Picatinny base Mount Rings - Medium height 30mm tube scopes

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Nikko Steel Lok Quick Release QD quick detach, Weaver/Picatinny base, rifle Scope Mount rings. High/Medium profile for 30mm tube scopes

Top quality, steel mount rings for 20mm width weaver/picatinny base.

Quick release - Thumb operated quick detach levers for easy removal and re-fitting to original position - no loss of zero.

Saddle Height -
0.49" - 12.5mm base to bottom of ring
equates to maximum scope outer objective casing diameter of 55mm if on a flat base - Most scope outer casings add 5-12mm to the lens size (depending on things like if it is an AO scope, use of flip up caps etc) so these will fit scopes approximately with lens sizes upto 43-50mm depending on the scope outer case thickness. See Clearance calculation guide below for more info on fitting thresholds.

Nikko call these high profile mounts but we would describe them as medium height when compared to other mount rings - high are more normally around 19-21mm saddle height.


  • Pair of mount rings supplied
  • Scope Tube Diameter: 30mm
  • Mount Rail: Weaver/Picatinny 20mm
  • Mount Type: Two Piece
  • Mount Height: Medium
  • Finish: Matt Black
  • Solid steel
  • QR quick detach lock and unlock remove and re-fit.

Calculating scope to rifle body clearance

The way you calculate the clearance is by halving the overall OUTSIDE diameter of your rifle scopes objective lens and then deducting half the rifle scopes body tube diameter.

For scopes with a 30mm diameter body tube diameter this means deducting 15mm

Note we say OUTSIDE diameter - this means NOT the lens diameter, you need to measure the whole outer casing diameter.

The result gives you the minimum "saddle" dimension - the measure from base of mount to bottom of the ring - the saddle dimension that is stated above.

The amount the saddle dimension is greater than the figure you have calculated is the amount of clearance your scopes objective will be clear of your rifles body.

Example -

  1. A scope has an outer case measurement of 51mm.
  2. 51 divided by 2 = 25.5.
  3. 30mm scope so deduct 15mm = 10.5mm
  4. So the mount must have a saddle measure (base of mount to bottom of the ring) greater than 10.5mm or else it will ground out on the rifle body.

Calculating your rifle scopes clearance in this way does assume your dovetail or base is not raised above or below your rifles barrel. Note some rifles with high or adjustable cheek pieces may require higher scope mounts or risers so that your eye is in line with the rifle scope and your head is kept in an upright comfortable position.

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