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Ruger Scope Rings

Ruger 6B30HM X-High Blued Hawkeye Matt 30mm Rifle Scope Mount Ring for M77

SINGLE RING - NOT A PAIR. Normally bought with a size 5 when used with the M77 Hawkeye
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Ruger 6B30HM Blued Hawkeye Matt 30mm Rifle Scope Mount Ring for M77 Hawkeye - Extra high

Ruger scope mount rings are supplied as single units - NOT pairs.

If you enter quantity 1 when you buy you will buy ONE ring - NOT a pair. For a pair enter 2 or buy with a size 5 if using on a Hawkeye M77

Please read fitting carefully. Mount returns due to choosing the wrong size are WAY too common - cost us both - and are so easily avoidable! If unsure please ask....Please read the fitting and compatibility info below.

Sizes and fitting:

Note - These rings do not fit the American Rimfire. That model has a standard 3/8" dovetail base

Below is a summary. See the charts for more detail or go to or

Height - Ruger use numbers to designate height. This listing if for size 6.
  • 3 = Low = upto 32mm scope lens
  • 4= Medium = upto 42mm scope lens
  • 5= High = upto 52mm scope lens - 0.565" saddle (14.35mm)
  • 6 = Extra High = Upto 62mm scope lens
Tube diameter

This is a 30mm.

Material and Finish

Ruger make them in a variety. The ones in this advert are "Hawkeye Matte"
  • Hawkeye Matte suit many but not all Ruger models cosmetically. Clearly they are most suited to the M77 Hawkeye models - HM77R, HM77RS, HM77RSPHAB
  • So 6B30HM means it is a is a size 6 Extra High - Blued - 30mm - Hawkeye matte finish
Popular Ruger model quick guide

10/22 - size 3 front and rear for upto 32mm scopes. size 4 front and rear for upto 42mm scopes. Size 5 front and rear for upto 52mm scopes and size 6 front and rear for upto 62mm scopes.

For M77 models with blued base rails. For stainless base you need to get the code K stainless mounts.
  • 1" scope upto 32mm lens - Front ring 3B and rear ring 4B
  • 1" scope upto 42mm lens - Front ring 4B and rear ring 5B
  • 1" scope upto 52mm lens - Front ring 5B and rear ring 6B 
  • 30mm scope upto 42mm lens - Front ring 4B30 and rear ring 5B30
  • 30mm scope upto 52mm lens - Front ring 5B30 and rear ring 6B30
  • Scopes over 52mm lens are not recommended for the M77 range

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