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Sportsmatch DAMPA DM80 Rifle Scope Mount Ring - Weaver/Picatinny 1" Tube High

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1 Piece - 1 inch Diameter Body Tube - High Profile - Picatinny Base rails

Dampa mounts / Scope Damage - Protection
Rubber bushes help to prevent scope damage. Ideal for high powered air rifles with picatinny rails and large caliber centrefire rifles.

The recoil produced by some rifles and in particular spring piston and gas ram precision air rifles is sufficient to damage even a good quality rifle scopes internal mechanism and even break the reticule. 

Some shooters suffer with several broken reticles in an attempt to mount a rifle scope on their chosen rifle. 

The solution is a Sportsmatch 'Dampa Mount' which features precision machined slideway and high grade rubber bushes which allow the rifle scope to move slightly but return to precisely the same position and therefore not transmit the recoil to the rifle scope. 

Suit up to 60mm lens diameter (on most rifles - see guide below)

  • 1 piece
  • 1 inch tube
  • For Picatinny base rails only

A = 23mm
B = 110mm
C = 5mm
Weight = 189g


Calculating scope to rifle body clearance

The way you calculate the clearance is by halving the overall OUTSIDE diameter of your rifle scopes objective lens and then deducting half the rifle scopes body tube diameter.

For scopes with a 1 inch diameter body tube this means deducting 12.5mm.

Note we say OUTSIDE diameter - this means NOT the lens diameter, you need to measure the whole outer casing diameter.

The result gives you the minimum "saddle" dimension required - the measure from base of mount to bottom of the ring - the 'A' dimension that is shown above.

The amount the saddle dimension is greater than the figure you have calculated is the amount of clearance your scopes objective will be clear of your rifles body.  The saddle on these mounts is -

Worked Example -

  1. A scope has an outer case measurement of 51mm.
  2. 51 divided by 2 = 25.5.
  3. 29 minus 12.5 = 12.8mm
  4. So the mount must have a saddle measure (base of mount to bottom of the ring) greater than 12.8mm or else it will ground out on the rifle body.

Keep in mind that flip up lens caps may add 2mm or so.

Calculating your rifle scopes clearance assumes that:

  • Your dovetail or base is not raised above or below your rifles barrel
  • Some rifles with grooved receivers such as some models of airgun and .22 rimfire will mean the scope sits lower
  • A raised dovetail base or Weaver/Picatinny base may add height

Note some rifles with high or adjustable cheek pieces may require higher scope mounts or risers so that your eye is in line with the rifle scope and your head is kept in an upright comfortable position.

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