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Vortex Optics The Ultimate Optics Guide to Rifle Scope Shooting Book

Paperback edition
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The 180 page Ultimate Optics Guide to Rifle Shooting walks you through each step of the process on how to use your optical scope to its maximum potential.

A complete and comprehensive guide to using your scope in the field or on the range.

Scopes have been in use for more than 100 years, but it's not until now that a book has come along to teach the shooter how to truly use it.

Law Enforcement and Military Snipers, competition shooters and hunters, this book will raise your shooting skills to a whole new level of effectiveness.

With illustrations and full description of each facet of the operation of the scope this book is a must for anyone who uses an optic.

The author speaks to you in a language that every shooter can understand and gives you real world examples of its uses.

Reader Reviews - taken from the Vortex Optics website

I bought The Ultimate Optics Guide to Rifle Shooting directly from Vortex. I have read a few other books on optics and this is by far the best book on the subject I have seen. The author uses Vortex Scopes in the book when needed for example but the book is by no means about Vortex. This is well written and easy to understand full of information and illustrations. It is good for all levels of shooters. I keep it in my gear bag for reference and corrections.

I agree that this is a very good book to read on scopes. I have had scopes before but never fully understood how to use them to their full potential. Definitely would recommend before you buy that expensive scope to help with the choice. The only downside to the book is the lack at the latter half of the book of problems with pure MOA to MOA. The author did state that it was that way at the beginning of the book. I was concentrating more on that as my scope is that way. It just would have taken so little effort to put a few extra problems in the chapters I thought it could have been added.

Hunting all my life and stepping into the long range world I felt like I didn't know enough. My knowledge of shooting had gotten me by but I wanted to push myself. This book provided me with the information I needed to expand my effective ranges. It not only helps you figure out your scope and it's reticle and turret system. It also goes through in depth scenarios to help you use the information you have read. It goes through mrad and moa in such a way any reader can understand.

I got this book for Christmas and crushed it. I reset my turrets to 0 and am working on filling out a DOPE dics. An added benefit is that the author is available to answer questions via email.

I had a few questions in regard to my scope. I spoke with someone from Vortex and they recommended i purchase this book. I am glad i did. This book had everything you could possibly need to know.

Regardless of your knowledge of rifle scopes, this book is will give you the ultimate insight into the workings of a rifle scopes of all kinds. If you are buying a scope for the first time, this book is a must read, it will guide you to the correct setups and accessories required to making the first shot count. Easy to understand regardless of your experience.

I recently switched 5 of my rifles from Leopold's to various Vortex scopes after a great product review from Cheyenne Dalton and Highlander Arms of Chesterfield NH. I was not looking forward at all to sighting in 3 of the rifles but alot of the tips came in very handy. Im certainly no professional marksman but my rifles still need to be on!
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