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Night Vision - Lamping - Torches - Binoculars - Spotting scope

Wicked Lights A67ic Predator Fox & Vermin 4-500yd 3 Colour Gun Light Kit
Wicked Lights A67ic Predator Fox & Vermin 4-500yd 3 Colour Gun Light Kit
Wicked Lights A67ic Predator Fox & Vermin 4-500yd 3 Colour Gun Light Kit
Wicked Lights A67ic Predator Fox & Vermin 4-500yd 3 Colour Gun Light Kit
Wicked Lights A67ic Predator Fox & Vermin 4-500yd 3 Colour Gun Light Kit

Wicked Lights A67ic Predator Fox & Vermin 4-500yd 3 Colour Gun Light Kit

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The new Wicked Lights A67iC 3 colour gun light is a revolutionary new high power gun light system for lamping foxes or controlling vermin, featuring a centre axis rotational 3 in 1 colour LED system to deliver a stunning bright red, white or green selectable beam with a super high power beam throw that is unrivalled in a switchable colour hunting lamp, with no diodes or pills to change.

Designed in the US using precision machined T6 Aircraft grade aluminium, the Wicked Hunting Lights A67ic Predator delivers a beam which will provide identification of your quarry well in excess of any targetable distance, with a crystal clear beam for the ultimate in target acquisition.

Spot animals out to 500yards with clear useable beam identification out to 400yards.

Switch between White, Green and Red (An Infrared version is also available) and adjust power and beam throw in a second, delivering unrivalled performance

You can change the beam width from a wide flood for scanning hand held, or a tight beam for taking long range shots on wary quarry, with a simple twist of the bezel. A Halo shield also reduces light splash.

The intensity control system, (remote control also supplied) allows you to instantly dim or brighten your light to max power, using the intensity control rheostat knob, spook less animals!

3 Colour In 1 Selection Knob
Change from green to red to white on the fly with no POI shift, and unlike any other multi beam gun light on the market...there is ZERO power loss, with the LED units delivering the maximum possible power.

Quick Detachable, Fully Adjustable Gun light mounting
A quick detach gun light mount allows you to attach your Wicked Light A67ic to your rifle, and zero perfectly to deliver a precise brilliant light beam, directly where you need it in your optics.

Why three colours?
Many lights allow you to change the colours of the diode, by swapping out the pill...this is fine but it does not allow you to deliver the maximum power available in this technology.

Some lights have built in switchable colour diodes, again not able to deliver the maximum power, and each diode it not zeroed to your point of impact.

Wicked Lights A67ic delivers 100% power, 100% of the time (when on full) and each colour is precisely zeroed with no change in POI.

Many people find Red the best colour for every day use, enabling users to spot quarry without spooking, and then switching to Green for long range shots.  White is great for shooting in cover, allowing better detail at closer distances, great for rats!

What are people saying about Wicked Lights A67ic
"Wicked Lights are the brightest coloured rifle mountable lights I have ever used. If these were around 10 years ago I doubt if I would have ever bought night vision!”  Mark Ripley - 260RIPS

"To say my first impressions are favourable would be an understatement! This is a high-quality, extremely powerful, gun light that with the ability to switch to three different colours and adjustable power switch covers everything the lamper would need" Mike Powell - Sporting Rifle


  • Selectable 3 colour LED system
  • Delivers 100% available power
  • Spot animals out to 500yards with crystal clear identification at 400yards
  • Lifetime Warranty on torch and controls
  • Runtime on full power 3hrs
  • Operating temperature: -30deg to +40degrees C
  • Precision machined T6 Aircraft grade aluminium
  • Bezel diameter: 67mm
  • Body Diameter: 1 inch
  • Weight with battery installed: 445gms
  • Warranty: LED and Internals 3 YR Warranty, lifetime warranty on lamp.

Kit Includes:
  • Wicked Lights A67ic Gun Light
  • Intensity control rheostat tail cap
  • Intensity control wired remote control
  • Two lithium ion rechargeable power cells
  • Two position smart charger with adaptors
  • Halo Shield for cutting out light spill
  • Mount kit including Picatinny rail mount, 1 inch tube, and 30mm tube scope mount
  • Fully adjustable quick detach light mount
  • Durable carry case
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Brand Wicked Lights
Code NW1810
Weight 1.6kg
EAN 819542020212
MPN A657ic