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3/8" 9-11mm Dovetail - Weaver/Picatinny adapters

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The majority of airguns and rimfire rifles and many shotguns come with 3/8" or 9-11mm width dovetail grooves on top. This is all very well and mounting scopes is no problem, there are lots of mount rings to suit.

But what if you want to use products that can only fit a 20-22mm weaver/picatinny mil type base? After all there are loads of great products only suitable for this type of base, such as super strong tactical mount rings to multi rail bases, dot sights, torches and lasers.

Many scopes, especially USA market focus models also come with pre-packaged high quality weaver type mounts and it's a shame to waste them.

This is where this dovetail to weaver base adapter section comes in. Here you can find various converters to put on to a airgun and 3/8" dovetail base and get that weaver/picatinny base you need.

Take care to pick the correct base type. Some of them only fit 11mm or only 3/8" while some fit both. (Exceptions- BKL400 series for 14mm rails)

Please ask us if unsure, returns cost us all and only the post companies like them!