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EyePal Peep Sight System

EyePal is a simple peep yet unique sight that attaches to one or both lenses on both prescription and shooting glasses - also great for golf, hobbies and crafts

When one is used it corrects short and long sight focus issues for open sight shooters.

If 2 are used then it can eliminate eye dominance issues to allow shooters to shoot with both eyes open for hugely improved accuracy and binocular vision.

See what Gunmart have to say in their EyePal review

See HERE for detailed article on how EyePal helps with eye dominance

EyePal Peep Sighting System is a product of Resident Artist Studio LLC and Tacticalscope.co.uk are proud to be the exclusive UK and Europe distributor. See press release, May  2016 - EyePal appoints TacticalScope as sole distributor to the UK and Europe


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Eyepal MASTER Kit - Glasses Target Shooting Golf Longsight Shortsight Astigmatism Focus Aid

Master kit - 1 rifle aperture and 1 for handguns, shotguns and bows. massively improves the focus and vision of anyone with Longsight, Shortsight, Astigmatism

EyePal SHOTGUN Short/Longsight, Astigmatism Fuzzy Sight Glasses/Contact Lens Peep Focus Sight

New custom kit for shotgun users, solves the visual acuity needs of trap, skeet and sporting clays enthusiasts. See the bead, foresight or red dot and the clay/bird simultaneously in focus for the first time, with both eyes open