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Gun Tools

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Discovery Optics 3 Piece Scope Levelling Calibrating Kit

The perfect tool to ensure that your rifle scope is perfectly flat to your rail and that you set your mounts up correctly. Everyone should have one, it would save us a lot of emails about scopes not shooting straight too! Please get one! the perfect gift also for every scope shooter!

ELLTECH 20 Piece Torque Screwdriver Set 10-65lbs, Includes WULF Reticle Levelling System

Ultimate kit or perfect set up precision for your rifle scope/mounts. Torque set to ensure everything is tightened exactly as it should be and reticle leveller system to ensure your scope to become perfectly level on any firearm (air rifle, rimfire, centerfire, shotgun) Eliminate frustration and wasted time and ammo in set up for good.

ELLTECH Adjustable Precision Shooting Rest

Precision shooting rest with 3 adjustable components giving a totally customisable shooting position to suit all needs and levels. Unrivaled at this price point. Note due to being over 2kg is a UK only ship product for auto website sales. Non UK please email for shipping quote.

ELLTECH Digital Trigger Pull Gauge Measure and Recorder

Measures trigger pull with accuracy and ease with a range of 0-12 lbs in precise 1oz increments. Instantaneously records and automatically calculates maximum, minimum, and average pull weights for on the spot and later analysis.

ELLTECH Portable Gun Cleaning Vise SPECIAL DEAL

Compact 35.8 cm x 13.5 cm x 26.4 cm size, making it easy to carry and store. Expands to 57.4 cm to accommodate larger rifles. A must-have for anyone looking for easy rifle cleaning and scope mounting solutions.

ELLTECH Scope and Gun Reticle Levelling Tool

If you have a decent torque set already and don't need our Elltech with WULF leveller kit then this a perfect and cheap way to make sure your scopes and guns are perfectly aligned

Leapers UTG Universal Shotgun Forend Wrench TL-SHWR01

Leverage to Loosen Even the Most Subborn Forend Caps

Napier Gun Cleaner Lubricant - 175ml Pump

Designed to clean and oil shotguns and rifles effortlessly. Note ONE bottle supplied, not 2 as picture may imply

Napier Gun Oil - 125ml Dropper Bottle

comprehensive rust and corrosion protection, 125ml dropper bottle

Napier Gun Oil - 300ml Aerosol

Engineered for comprehensive rust and corrosion protection. 300ml aerosol

Napier Power Air Gun Oil - 200ml Aerosol Spray

Protects Against Corrosion and Lubricates

Napier Power Airgun Patches .177 to .25

Rifle Clean patches for use with Pull Through Kit, Pack of 100 pre cut.

Napier Power Pellet Lube 10ml

User-friendly product that guarantees enhanced accuracy for any pellet and all airgun types

Napier Power Pellet Lube Eco Pump Spray - 25ml

Simply spray directly into a tin of pellets for an increase in accuracy and consistent power on any make or type of airgun pellet.

Napier Pre-Cut Ultra Clean Patches - Pack of 100

100 Ultra clean rifle patches for use with the universal rifle pull through kit

Napier Rifle Clean Dispenser Box - 14mtrs

uniquely textured, highly absorbent, and exceptionally robust material designed for the effective cleaning of all guns, with a special focus on rifled bores

Napier Ultra Soft Micro Filament Gun Scope and Glasses Cleaning Cloth

extra soft non scratch fibre ideal for cleaning barrels, action, stocks and optics.

Napier Universal Cleaning Mat - 40cm x 138cm

The ultimate gun cleaning mat that accommodates any sporting rifle or shotgun.

Smart Reloader Baby Powder Trickler - Precision VBSR005-61

The perfect tool for the reloader looking to quickly bring underweight charges up to an accurate reading

Smart Reloader Dream SR787 Bullet Case Cleaner Polisher Tumbler VBSR005-20

Capacity of 3.7 Quarts (3.5 liters) wet media and can fit 600 cases 9mm or 250 cases .223R. it is quickly interchangeable in case you want to clean or polish your cases with different media types.

Smart Reloader Essential Ammo Case Cleaning Polishing Kit VBSR005-28-1

For those who already own a case tumbler. Includes bucket, sifter, 2kg of cleaning media and 2kg of polishing media

Smart Reloader Extreme Brass Corn Cob Cleaning Media 2kg VBSR00511

Less aggressive than Walnut media-best for removing case lube from cases-suits once fired or less tarnished cases

Smart Reloader Extreme Brass Corn Cob Polishing Media 2kg VBSR0051

Less aggressive than Walnut media-best for removing case lube from cases-suits once fired or less tarnished cases

Smart Reloader Extreme Brass Walnut Cleaning Media 2kg VBSR00513

Walnut shell is perfect for cleaning cases that have not been cleaned after numerous reloads or heavily tarnished cases. Best used alternate with the walnut polishing media

Smart Reloader Extreme Brass Walnut Polishing Media 2kg VBSR00512

Walnut shell is perfect for cleaning cases that have not been cleaned after numerous reloads or heavily tarnished cases

Smart Reloader Nano Bullet Case Cleaning Polishing Kit VBSR005-29

All in one kit for cleaning up to 300 9mm cases or 125 .223R cases

Smart Reloader Nano SR737 Ammo Case Cleaner Polisher Tumbler VBSR005-7

Efficient economic cleaning with 1.75 bowl to clean upto 300 9mm or 125 .223 cases per load


Makes powder loads from 1 to 100 grains. Works great for both pistol and rifle loads

Smart Reloader SR104 Case Lube Pad With Reloading Tray VBSR017-02

Lubricate your cases before calibration and forming.

Smart Reloader SR1750 Bullet Puller with 6 Collets VBSR005-4

An indispensable tool for reloaders of all levels, making the disassembly of loaded ammunition a breeze and providing the means to recover bullets and powders for future use

Smart Reloader SR55 UNIVERSAL POWDER FUNNEL For CASES .17 TO .45 VBSR005-5

Made of anti-static plastic (avoids the powder to get sticked on the walls).

Smart Reloader Universal Reloading Tray VBSR618

A handy tray to keep your cases in once, secure place.

Vector .177/22 Airgun Rimfire Cleaning Kit

For cleaning and maintenance of .177 and .22 airguns and rimfire rifles

Vector 12G Gun Cleaning Kit

Vector Optics 12g gun cleaning kit has everything you need to look after your 12g

Vector Optics 16Pcs Optical Boresighter Collimator Kit

Contains multi-caliber collimator with arbors for rifle, shotgun, air gun and handgun. Helps you get on Target easily without wasting ammo or range time and counter scope set up error

Vortex Optics Lens Cleaning Pen for Rifle scopes, binoculars, glasses

Shoukd be one in every bag. Ideal gift or easy way to add to a purchase to get free delivery

Wheeler Engineering Digital FAT Wrench 15-100 lb/inch

LCD Digital display torque wrench! From 15 to 100 inch pound settings. Get your scopes and rings absolutely precisely set.

Wheeler Fat Torque Wrench 10-65 lbs/inch

Amazing handheld torque wrench lets you apply repeatable, accurate torque settings to scope rings, guard screws and other screws. 10-65 lb/inch range