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Night Vision Rifle Scopes and Thermal Bundles

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**BUNDLE** HIKMICRO Alpex A50E 4K UHD Sensor Non-LRF Digital Day & Night Rifle Scope + HIKMICRO Condor CH35L 35mm LRF 384x288 12µm <20mK Thermal Monocular
£2,199.99 Was £2,399.98
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**BUNDLE** HIKMICRO Cheetah HM-C32F-SL 2.7x Day / Night Vision Twilight LRF Rifle Scope + HIKMICRO EXPLORER E20 Smartphone Clip-In Thermal Imager for Android
£849.99 Was £899.99
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SPECIAL OFFER - HIKMICRO ALPEX A50 Day & Night Vision Rifle Scope With HIKMICRO Lynx PRO 19mm 35mK 384x288 12um Smart Thermal Monocular (RRP £2059.98)
£1,749.99 Was £2,059.98
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Combining a digital night vision scope with a thermal device gives you maximum flexibility that leverages the strengths of both systems to enhance visibility in low-light conditions.

We offer several preset bundles but of course you are free to mix and match from the night vision scopes and thermal spotters categories endlessly!

Here's how such a combination works and its advantages:

Digital Night Vision: Uses a digital sensor to capture ambient light and display the image on a screen, often with added functionalities like recording or streaming.

Thermal Imaging Technology: Infrared Detection: Detects heat signatures emitted by objects and living beings, converting them into a visual display. This is beneficial for detecting warm-blooded animals, vehicles, or other heat sources in complete darkness or through obstructions like smoke, fog, or foliage.

The general idea is that you use your thermal device to spot targets quickly, they will stand out starkly and an easier to spot fast compared to scanning in the scope. Then once you have the target spotted proceed with the scope,.

This approach is especially good for challenging conditions like dense woods or foggy night hunts.