TacticalScope News

May 25th 2023 -

We have changed company structure and fulfilment services to become Nickwake SW Ltd, a member of the group that includes the very well known and respected Opticswarehouse.co.uk This change brings a number of major benefits

Product - Expect to see a much greater range of brands and products that are in stock to order. We aim to add around 100 new products every month over the next 6 months.

Service - Please be assured that it is still me (Nick) in charge at TacticalScope and you will get the great service you have been use to from me personally. The loyalty points system will remain, as will free UK postage and % off for orders over certain values.

Pricing - In the current inflationary climate where people have less to spend on fun things being part of a larger group gives product purchasing scale benefits that we can pass on to you.

Resource - We now have a a highly experienced and professional team. This allows me to dedicate much greater focus on sales and service.

Delivery - Get it from A-B - Should be simple. It's not. We had experienced significant cost increases and service quality decreases with our previous 3rd party fulfilment company. We now have a dedicated in house shipping team who are experts of shipping and have huge product knowledge. They now chase me if there are any doubts about an order. For example, 1" mounts ordered with a 30mm scope. That will get queried before sending.

I've got to say that even after a few weeks it is so very refreshing to be dealing with professionals who know and care about the product and customers, and chase me over things rather the other way round!