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Vector Optics Gunpany 16Pcs Boresighter Kit Vector Optics Gunpany 16Pcs Boresighter Kit Vector Optics Gunpany 16Pcs Boresighter Kit Vector Optics Gunpany 16Pcs Boresighter Kit
Vector Optics Gunpany 16Pcs Boresighter Kit
Vector Optics
SKU#GPBS-01P Vector Optics

Vector Optics 16Pcs Optical Boresighter Collimator Kit

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Contains multi-caliber collimator with arbors for rifle, shotgun, air gun and handgun. 

Helps you get on Target easily without wasting ammo or range time.


The Collimator Is marked with a grid which allows reticle to be centred, 

This can only be regarded as a starting point for the zeroing process.

As the collimator cannot allow for range,calibre,velocity,height above bore line it will always be an approximate zero.

The benefit is that will normally get the point of impact onto the target and then allow final exact zeroing.

Also when rifle/scope is finally zeroed the collimator can be re-attached and the reference point on the grid can noted and this will become the actual zero point at the specific range with specific ammunition.

Therefore if zero needs to be checked if for example rifle is dropped or bumped as long as reference point is same as previously noted the rifle/scope combination will have retained it zero.

It is also useful in assessing the scopes ability to track consistantly and box test can be undertaken without actually firing the rifle. 

Includes Carry Case

  • Qty of Arbors: 16
  • Optics Boresighter Coating: FMC
  • Case size: 28x21x6cm / 11.1x8.2x2.4 inch
  • Weight: 1.3kg / 42.3oz
  • This durable case can be used for shotguns, rifles, air guns and pistols. 
  • The box is marked with the scale and can be placed back in the correct position after use.
  • Carry handle the designed plastic case that you can take with you wherever you go.
  • Calibres: .177 .22  6mm  .25  6.5mm  .27    7mm  .30  .32  .338  .35  .375  .44 .45  50cal  12/20 bore

Vector Optics Gunpany 16Pcs Boresighter Kit


Five Year Warranty

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