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Vortex & Butler Creek Lens Caps

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Top quality custom fit lens caps for rifle scope eyepiece and objective lenses from the legendary Butler Creek & Vortex Optics 

See Eyepiece models for the end you look through (ocular) and Objective models for the "big end" of the scope (Objective)

Fitting Guide - The caps are described with their diameter measure in mm and inches. This refers to the size of scope they will fit - OUTER casing diameter measurement - NOT the scope lens size itself. Most scopes typically add from 5-15mm of diameter over their stated lens size. So be very precise with your measures.

We know sizing can be tricky so to help we have created our own Butler Creek lens caps size match guide here for popular Hawke and Nikko scope models - page opens in new window. The info if direct from Hawke for their model and for Nikko we have tested them from our own stock.

Vortex Defender Lens Caps -
These are more flexible in sizing. If you have a scope with a 40mm lens for example, check out the size 40 to find out what the outer lens size diameter range is. If you are within it you have a fit.