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Welcome to TacticalScope

At Tactical Scopes we specialise in hunting and target shooting rifle scopes, red-green dot sights, Easyhit and Eyepal iron sight aids and related accessories such as mount rings, risers, base adapters, comb raisers, lamping lights and night vision.

We are UK based but ship globally so if you are outside the UK - welcome :)

We also sell through Ebay on our Hunting Shooting Fishing store It is cheaper to buy here but you can go to the store and check our feedback and see how good, we are :)

We sell quality value-for-money (even cheap) rifle scopes from Hawke, Leapers UTG, Nikko Stirling, Vortex, Konus, Sig Sauer, AGS, C-More and Ultimax

To attach your scope to your rifle there are many rifle scope mount rings for both air rifles and weaver/picatinny bases in 25mm and 30mm ring sizes with both screw types and QD (Quick Detach / Quick Attach and Lok) types with heights going from very low to extra high to suit scopes with 20mm lens to 60mm and higher.

If you need an adapter or base rail to add to a rifle that does not have a base for a scope, or if you want to put a weaver/picatinny base on an air rifle or add accessories to an existing base then be sure to check out the bases and adapters section, there are loads of great ideas there. If unsure on mount types see our mount rings guide here.

You will also find high-power long-range power lamping lights, lamps and torches from Cluson Engineering (Clulite) and Night Vision kits for Nite Site and Night/Day scopes from ATN.

First Time Buyer 5% off - Use code FTB55 at checkout to get this. If you don't it won't apply and we can't rebate it afterwards (though you can use it on a future order)

Scope exports outside the UK - Yes - they are allowed
Many shops will not ship any scopes outside the UK. We do.

That is because any scope over 10x maximum magnification is defined as "Military product" (ECO - Export Control Organisation UK Military List section ML1d) and subject to export control when being sent outside the United Kingdom. In order to export time consuming paperwork is involved and not many shops want the hassle of doing it.

We take a different view and have invested a lot of time into acquiring export licenses that allow for faster, easier exports of scopes to most countries. We can export scopes of upto 9x magnification with no paperwork or delay. 10x and over can also be exported but are subject to a small bit of export paperwork - which we do for you, you just have to sign the paper we will email you. See the scope export page for full details.