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Leapers UTG

Leapers are a US scope and accessory company famed for very high quality at prices that seem too low!

Somehow they manage to produce products that are as good as big name scopes and mounts but for anywhere from half to a quarter of the price - it's really good product, we sell loads so get yourself a Leapers scope and prepare to be seriously impressed.

Their brand names are Leapers UTG and Leapers Accushot. Sometimes just referred to as UTG or Accushot - but all are Leapers.

See for more info, we are also happy to order products on demand though there may be a few weeks delay as our order cycle is every 5-8 weeks.
Leapers Iron Sights
Non optical front and rear sights for iron sight shooters
Prismatic 4X32 T4 Scope
UTG T4 series 4x32 prismatic scope with prismatic refraction technology for increased light transmission and clarity in a compact and maneuverable size