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HIKMICRO ALPEX Day & Night Riflescope with 850nm IR Illuminator. HIKMICRO ALPEX Day & Night Riflescope with 850nm IR Illuminator. HIKMICRO ALPEX Day & Night Riflescope with 850nm IR Illuminator. HIKMICRO Alpex - Real world performance in low light. HIKMICRO ALPEX Day & Night Riflescope with 850nm IR Illuminator. HIKMICRO ALPEX Day & Night Riflescope with 850nm IR Illuminator. HIKMICRO ALPEX Day & Night Riflescope with 850nm IR Illuminator. HIKMICRO Aplex Day/ Night Vision Rifle Scope HIKMICRO ALPEX Day & Night Riflescope with 850nm IR Illuminator. HIKMICRO ALPEX Day & Night Riflescope with 850nm IR Illuminator. HIKMICRO ALPEX Day & Night Riflescope with 850nm IR Illuminator.
HIKMICRO ALPEX Day & Night Riflescope with 850nm IR Illuminator.

HIKMICRO ALPEX A50T Day & Night Riflescope with 850nm IR Illuminator

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The HIKMICRO Alpex A50T comes with equipped with an 850nm IR illuminator, mounting bracket and charging dock. The Alpex A50T offers a superb HD image in both day and night shooting scenarios. Thanks to its ultra sensititve CMOS sensor the twilight capabilties of this rifle scope are unmatched providing a full colour image in near dark situations, providing the perfect transition between day and night shooting. Based on a 30mm main tube makes the HikMicro Alpex A50T easy to mount and quick to change between multiple rifles.
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Please note: Due to distribution rights and agreements we can only sell HIK-MICRO products to residents of the UK.


Key Feature: Reticle will now re-centre when increasing magnification.

**Click Here For How To Install Firmware**



The HIKMICRO ALPEX A50T is breaking new ground when it comes to colour night vision performance, offering a true colour image in twilight to no light this pound for pound NV giant bridges the gap between ultra high performance and fantastic pricing. The unique 1/1.18 inch sensor and 3D DNR image algorithm provide clarity images even in low light conditions of 0.001 lux this is what helps you find a clear and detailed image of your target even in the dark and starry skies. The 1440x1080 HD CMOS sensor gives a ground-breaking image in both day and night. Making the HikMicro Alpex the obvious winner when it comes to LOW-LIGHT HUNTING.

The HIKMICRO ALPEX A50T with its advanced sensor technology and image processing delivers a detailed, full-color image throughout the day - automatically adjusting to twilight and continuing to display an amazing full-colour image up until total darkness.

When darkness sets in, a single button press activates the black-and-white night mode and the performance of the The HIKMICRO ALPEX A50T sensor shines again. Any ambient light such as the moon or starlight is enough to provide a basic image while adding the supplied IR torch allows you to see a highly detailed view of your surroundings.

This combination of day and night performance on the HIKMICRO ALPEX gives a true 24/7 performance. Thanks to the high DNR and purple fringing correction algorithim the unit performances brilliantly in reduce any abnormal noise and creates a edge to edge performance that an German optical engineer would be proud of. This detail and image resolution allows the shooter to distinguish the minutest detail which may have been missed when using a competitors optic. 

The HIKMICRO ALPEX A50T is built on a traditional 30mm rifle scope tube chassis the Alpex is easy to mount using conventional rifle scope rings and retains the classic look of your rifle. The rifle scope tube also hosts the two internal lithium batteries that provide an outstanding 13 hours of runtime. The top turret that traditionally contains the windage adjustment holds a battery compartment where you can add an additional CR123a to gain an extra hour of runtime in an emergency.

The ergonomic design puts all of the major controls of the The HIKMICRO ALPEX A50T within easy reach.

Rolling the jog dial up and down controls your digital magnification (3.5x – 14x). Press and hold this in to access the menu which includes a simplified zeroing system with the inclusion of freeze-frame and magnification. Advanced software provides up to 5 zeroing profiles allowing you to use the Alpex on multiple Rifles. The versatile magnification of the HIKMICRO ALPEX A50T makes this rifle scope the perfect choice for all types of hunting from daytime deer stalking to close range rabbit control right out to long range range foxing at 300 yards.

The three buttons on the eyepiece control the power, recording and quickly switch between Day & Night mode while the precise focus adjustment is located around the objective bell at the front of the scope.

The Alpex is also fitted with a microphone and recoil-activated recording so it is easier to record your special hunting moment onto the built-in 64GB internal memory. Connecting to the HIKMICRO Sight app makes it quick and easy to share these memories with your friends or stream the output from the scope in real time while you are in the field with your hunting buddy.

Please note: The sensor used in the Alpex is extremely sensitive so does not require a high-power IR torch to provide a clear image, you may notice overexposure if used with extremely powerful VCSEL torches.


Furthermore, please be advised that the supplied charger is designed for the IR torch battery.



  • Max Resolution: 1920x1080
  • Frame Rate: 50Hz 
  • Lens (Focal Length): 50mm
  • Min. Focusing Distance: 3m
  • Field of View: 7.7 degrees x 5.8 degrees
  • Aperture: F1.2
  • Magnification: 3.5x

Image Display:

  • Display: 1024x768, 0.39 inch, OLED
  • Image Mode: Day, Night
  • Exit Pupil: 5mm
  • Eye Relief: 60mm
  • Diopter (Range): -5D to 5D


  • Digital Zoom: 1x, 2x, 4x
  • Capture Resolution: 1440x1080
  • Record Video: On-board video recording
  • Standby Mode: Yes
  • PIP: Yes
  • Capture Snapshot: Yes
  • Freeze Zeroing: Yes
  • Recoil Activation Recording: Yes
  • Record Video Resolution: 1440x1080
  • Max. Recoil: 1000g
  • Reticle: Yes
  • Audio Recording: Yes
  • Wi-Fi Hotspot: Yes, HIKMICRO Sight App
  • Storage: Built-in EMMC (64GB)

Power Supply:

  • Battery Type: Two rechargeable Lithium batteries (internal)
  • Battery Operating Time: 12 hours continuous running (@ 25 degrees Celcius, Wi-Fi off)
  • Battery Capacity Display: Yes
  • Anti-Reverse Battery Connection: Yes
  • Overvoltage Protection: Yes
  • Power Supply: 5 VDC/2A, USB Type-C interface, supports QC3.0
PLEASE NOTE: When purchasing further CR123A batteries for your unit , please ensure the voltage
on the battery is no greater than 3.0V. This for your safety and those around you.


  • Working Temperature: -30 to 55 degrees Celcius (-22 to 131 degrees Fahrenheit)
  • Dimensions: 442mm x 78.1mm x 83.5mm
  • Weight: 1062g without eyepiece and CR123A
  • Protection Level: IP67

Zeroing Click Values:

(All the click values are in cm @ 100m)

  • 1X Mag - 1.1cm           0.11Mil    0.36MOA
  • 2X Mag - 0.550cm     0.055Mil 0.18MOA
  • 4X Mag - 0.275cm     0.028Mil 0.090MOA 
  • 1920 × 1080 High-definition sensor
  • Supports Day/Night mode
  • Supports audio recording
  • Supports recoil-activation recording
  • Supports video recording and snapshot, built-in EMMC (64 GB)
  • 1024 × 768 resolution 0.39-inch LED display
  • Detection range up to 600 m
  • 850 nm IR Torch

  • HIKMICRO Alpex Day/ Night Vision Rifle Scope
  • 1x IR Torch
  • 1x IR Torch Bracket
  • 2x HM-3632DC Batteries
  • 1x Battery Charger
  • 1x Bag
  • 1x Type-C Cable
  • 1x Quick Start Guide
  • 1x Dust-free Cloth





HIKMICRO has a full UK service and technical centre, complete with Hotline: 0203 514 0092 available to assist with any issues.

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