Export Permit Product Shipping - If outside UK please read

See country list below for where we can export restricted NV products to.

The following products require an export permit before shipping anywhere outside UK mainland, NI and Scottish islands. This also means Channel Islands and Isle of Man require a permit.

Thermal products like the handheld monoculars are not included as they are not specific for military use.

No export for HIK Micro - We cannot export HIK Micro products due to HIK rules on warranty and national distributor sales territory. However Channel Islands and IOM you we can send HIK too upon export permit completion. Yes, we know, it is complicated and quite daft.

The process is as follows:

Open Individual Export License (OIEL) - If you live in the following countries  

Countries below:

OIEL ship to destinations

Any country not on the above list, it is possible but more complicated and we will charge an admin fee on top of sale. Website sales not possible with this process, orders will be manually invoiced by Paypal.

Single Individual Export License (SIEL):

The process takes 2-6 weeks

Process for SIELs
After you purchase -