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Ruger Scope Rings

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Superb solid, well made zero slip rifle scope mount rings made in the USA by Ruger.

Note that all Ruger rings are supplied as singles so if you need a pair you will need to buy quantity 2.

Height - Ruger use numbers to designate height.
  • 3 = Low = upto 32mm scope lens
  • 4= Medium = upto 42mm scope lens
  • 5= High = upto 52mm scope lens
  • 6 = Extra High = Upto 62mm scope lens
Tube diameter
They come in either 1" (25mm) tube or 30mm tube scope sizes. If a ring model number has a 30 in it that means it is a 30mm. e.g., 4B30 = a medium height 30mm Blued finish. 4B therefore means a medium height 1" Blued.

Material and Finish
Ruger make them in 2 materials. B = Blued Alloy. K = Stainless Steel.

Then finishes B in the blues alloy also doubles up as a finish type, i.e., Blued! Similarly a plain K means stainlss steel finish.

On top of this there are some extra colour finish variations such as M = Matte. HM = Hawkeye Matt. Plus mixes so a BHM is a Blued Hawkeye Matte. Yes, what fun I know.

Height and pairing
Most model Ruger rifles take the same height from and back. An exception is the 77 range though note that the K77/22 is not part of this and takes the same size front and back.

For 77 models (M and K variants)
- these take a different height ring back and front as follows -
  • Scope upto 32mm lens - Front ring 3 and rear ring 4
  • Scope upto 42mm lens - Front ring 4 and rear ring 5
  • Scope upto 52mm lens - Front ring 5 and rear ring 6
  • Scopes over 52mm lens are not recommended for the 77 range
Further resources to find the ideal ring on the Shop Ruger site PDF guide here and interactive guide here
Links open in new window so you will not lose thjis page.