TacticalScope Changes, Expansion and Improvements - Big News!

May 25th 2023 -

We have changed company structure and fulfilment services to become Nickwake SW Ltd. A member of the group that includes the very well known and respected Opticswarehouse.co.uk

Not something that was done without a lot of thought and discussion and brings many benefits while addressing key issues we were facing as a small independent in challenging economic times.

Being part of a larger group offers a lot of benefits.

For example you will notice in the future there will be a much greater range of brands and products that are in stock to order (and a lot less out of stock!).

Same service - Please be assured that it is still me (Nick) in charge at TacticalScope and you will get the great service you have been use to from me personally.

In fact it will be better – How/Why?

Solving business challenges

Economic - Inflation = rising product costs. Background operating costs. All gone up. Pressure on sales as people have less to spend on fun things :( Being part of a larger group gives product purchasing scale benefits and operating cost consolidation. Winner.

Resource - Before - me - Doing all the functions of a business. Jack of all trades (holiday & free weekends, not a chance - in 15 years!). Now, we have a a highly experienced and professional team behind us to handle purchasing, accounts, IT etc. Leaving me to focus on what counts - sales and service. I can also take a day off now and again. Happy wife. Nice.

Getting products in and out

Move it from A-B - Should be simple. It's not. Our previous fulfilment company are simply a warehouse and fulfilment company. Many companies outsource this function due to cost of premises and security and to take advantage of postal bulk cost benefits.

However - They had no product knowledge and had no interest in what we do frankly. In the past not a big problem. They used to offer good service at a fair price and we could fill in the product knowledge gaps. They did what they had to do – send orders out fast.

However over the last year their prices gone up significantly and service quality down. For example, email queries would take hours or even a day + to get an reply (and they charged for time replying to things that should have just been done anyway)

Efficiency in management of new goods in stock and returns had become a major issue for us. New stock would take a week or more to be booked in and many times I would have to chase them on missing returns for example, and then find that they charged me for time spent fixing their errors - and imply that it was my fault for having such difficult product. Not acceptable. Result ever decreasing time to build business and help customers.

So, fulfilment moan over and back to the "how why" better bit

I've got to say that even after a few weeks it is so very refreshing to be dealing with professionals who know and care about the product and customers and chase me over things rather the other way round!