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Sportsmatch HTO75 17mm Dovetail CZ550/557 Parker Hale 30mm HIGH Scope Mount Rings


Sportsmatch HTO75 17mm Dovetail CZ550/557 Parker Hale 30mm HIGH Scope Mount Rings

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High profile - 30mm tube. 17mm dovetail - CZ550, CZ557, ZKK600/601/602 etc BSA Monarch / Majestic etc centrefire rifles and Parker Hale bases.
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30mm Scope tube Diameter HIGH Height Suitable CZ550, CZ557, ZKK600/601/602 etc BSA Monarch / Majestic etc centrefire rifles and Parker Hale bases.


Suit up to scope objective OUTER diameter 69mm - see guide below

  • 2 piece
  • 30mm tube
  • For 17mm dovetail

A = 20mm
B = 21mm
C = NA
Weight = 125g


Calculating scope to rifle body clearance

The way you calculate the clearance is by halving the overall OUTSIDE diameter of your rifle scopes objective lens and then deducting half the rifle scopes body tube diameter.

For scopes with a 30mm diameter body tube this means deducting 15mm.

Note we say OUTSIDE diameter - this means NOT the lens diameter, you need to measure the whole outer casing diameter.

The result gives you the minimum "saddle" dimension required - the measure from base of mount to bottom of the ring - the 'A' dimension of 20mm

The amount the saddle dimension is greater than the figure you have calculated is the amount of clearance your scopes objective will be clear of your rifles body.  The saddle on these mounts is - 20mm

Worked Example -

  1. A scope has an outer case measurement of 64mm.
  2. 64 divided by 2 = 32
  3. 32 minus 15 = 17mm
  4. So the mount must have a saddle measure (base of mount to bottom of the ring) greater than 17mm or else it will ground out on the rifle body.
  5. So in this example, mounts have 20mm so there will be 3mm clearance all other factors being equal.

Keep in mind that flip up lens caps may add 2mm or so.

Calculating your rifle scopes clearance assumes that:

  • Your dovetail or base is not raised above or below your rifles barrel
  • Some dovetail receivers such may make the scope sit lower
  • A raised base will add height

Note some rifles with high or adjustable cheek pieces may require higher scope mounts or risers so that your eye is in line with the rifle scope and your head is kept in an upright comfortable position.

About Sportsmatch
Sportsmatch UK Ltd. was established some 45 years ago and has grown to be the market leader in the manufacture of quality rifle scope mounts and scope rings for all types of sporting, target and centrefire rifle shooting.  

We are now known in over 40 countries for High Quality, British made scope mounts and accessories and have an excellent reputation. Our products are manufactured using the latest CNC machinery available but every component manufactured is inspected by hand prior to final assembly.  

This ensures Sportsmatch Scope Mounts offer correct alignment and a rock solid dependable grip onto your rifle and scope which will Optimize your Accuracy.  

The much acclaimed Sportsmatch range is available in many heights and diameters to suit virtually all rifle / scope combinations.

The Sportsmatch® difference:

  • No Loss of Zero - Guaranteed
  • High Tensile Construction
  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • Scope Rings for Centrefire, Rimfire & Air Rifle
  • Proudly made in Great Britain
  • MPN:
  • Height:
    20mm saddle
  • Brand:
  • Product Code:
  • Weight:
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Value for money Verified Purchase

They fit tight on the scope and a perfect height for my 4-12x50 scope

Trevor Knowles | Lancaster | September 2023