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Using The EyePal Peep Sight System to shoot with both eyes open and correct eye dominance

The Eyes have it – or do they? By Charlie Summers –

My title is about using both eyes open while aiming, whether the aiming eye is dominate or not. Utilization of the EyePal® Peep Sighting Systems’ Master Kit is the key element of this story. Its use is critical to any iron-sight shooter, visually corrected or 20/20 alike, with iron-sights or any red-dot or similar 1X power optical device such as an ACOG or holographic sight.

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In our everyday lives, we have the use of both eyes creating what is commonly known as “binocular” vision. Archers and iron-sight shooters may typically close one eye while aiming while many others are trained to use both eyes for a variety of well-founded reasons. One of those reasons is peripheral awareness, a big part of overall situational awareness. But if one is cross-dominated (like myself), what can be done?

Eyepal eye dom 1 sml

Fig 1 The author using the EyePal Handgun aperture while closing his dominate left eye when aiming his S&W 78G in .22 caliber. No peripheral vision is available on the left.


Cross-dominance can be a huge challenge and from my research, I have found that there are many ways to cope with it. Let’s start with the shooter who is right-handed, in writing, throwing, etc., but has left-eye dominance. To get desired right-eye sight picture, one must close the dominate left eye leaving only the right-eye image available for aiming. There are many methods to train the right “off- eye” or non-dominate eye to be the eye of choice. The method I developed using the EyePal Peep Sighting System has worked very well.


The cross-dominance issue can be mitigated by a rather simple procedure. The goal is to have the right-eyes’ sight picture as the preferred image. Use any method to block the dominate left eye and then position the EyePal Rifle aperture in the right eyes’ sight line. The right eye’s sharply focused image is the one that the brain now becomes accustomed to seeing. Over time and with practice, the left eye can be gradually exposed to more unfocused light. The right eyes’ sight picture is seen as the best image. Time will show that even with another EyePal aperture on the left eye to produce another focused image, the right eyes’ image dominates. Both eyes now have depth of field and the right eye’s perfect sight picture is best remembered by the brain as being the one to use. The overall result is that binocular vision is attained with complete eye relief.

Eyepal eye dom 2 sml

Fig 2 The author using the EyePal Handgun aperture in his right eyes’ line of sight in addition to the Rifle aperture to accommodate his dominate left eye to get “Binocular” vision. Complete peripheral awareness is maintained.


There are two distinct aperture diameters in the EyePal Master kit, one for the Handgun and the other for the Rifle. In the case presented, the left eye is perfectly happy with the Rifles’ slightly smaller focused image. With the resulting depth of field, it has no influence on the aiming right eyes’ image as it has been trained to be ignored. Since the left eyes’ perfect image is now easily ignored, the right eye gets the job done complete with total eye relief.

Eyepal Master kit sml

Fig 3 The Handgun aperture (Left) and the Rifle aperture (Right), contents of the EyePal Peep Sighting System Master Kit. Note that the Handgun aperture is the larger of the two.

Do you shoot pistol or rifle with both eyes open or would you like to? Many shooters are addicted to this scenario. With the two-EyePal aperture scenario, there’s no double image as the images are set up just like you get when using binoculars. Situational awareness is maintained with peripheral vision capability. EyePal Peep Sighting System Kits offer unique “binocular” versatility for less money than a box of center-fire ammo and it’s guaranteed. In addition, EyePal is approved at the NRA CMP National Trophy Matches.

Now you can really see what you’ve been missing.

Charlie Summers, EyePal inventor, ©2013 Resident Artist Studio LLC




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