We are often asked if we can still send orders to the EU due to brexit (we hate brexit by the way)

The answer is - Yes you can order, please do! There are some changes to be aware of though so please read on:

Overall - Orders to the EU are now treated the same way when we (or anyone in the EU) sends to a non EU destination like Norway, Switzerland, Canada, New Zealand, USA, Australia and others

Main changes:

VAT/Sales tax on sales to EU countries

Before brexit - we charged VAT at 20% on orders and shipping to the EU.

After brexit - Now "zero rated" - we do not charge any VAT on orders or shipping.

Instead tax will be charged when it arrives in your country based on the value we declare on the custom's label. 

Depending on import regulations in each country there may be some additional flat rate import fee.

Many destinations have a limit in value under which they pay nothing, USA very generous at around $800, EU, unfortunately no allowance.

Delivery time

As there is a customs process required now there will be some extra time taken. In most cases this will add 2-5 days.

Please just buy as usual as it is business (nearly) as usual