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International Non UK Export Shipping - If outside UK please read

There are special UK export rules for sales of centerfire rated telescopic scopes of 10x or more maximum magnification and for ANY type Bipod.

Note - 10x and over scopes not rated for or suitable for use with centerfire, i.e., air rifle and rimfire  models such as Nikko Mountmaster, AGS, PAO and Hawke Airmax and Vantage models with specialist rimfire reticles are not export controlled. The advert pages may still say they are but they are not anymore so just ignore. We'll edit them when we get a spare day (probably never ;) please ask about a specific model if unsure.

For all other models you are very welcome to buy but there is an export process we must follow and, depending on your location and the product involved situation, we might have to apply for an export permit before the product can be shipped and this will result in a 1-4 week shipping delay.

EU Sanctions - Russia

Until further notice no scopes covered by export control or other Military List Products such as bipods may be shipped to Russia.

This means only scopes of upto 9x maximum magnification may be shipped.

We will have to refuse, cancel or refund any orders received from Russia until these sanctions are lifted.


If you are ordering from outside the UK please be sure that you read and understood this page before you buy. If you do not agree please do not buy.

Scope exports are not a difficult process so please do not be put off by any of this, we do nearly all the work for you.

Export category 1 - Scopes UNDER 10x maximum magnification e.g., 3-9x40, 3-9x50, 6x32 (number before x is less than 10 then it is covered by this section)

There are no UK shipping restrictions on 9x or under scopes

Just go ahead and buy it and we will ship it. Just be sure you are allowed to import such a product first. Some countries do have import restrictions e.g., Brazil, UAE, Mexico, Singapore. All destinations we know have problems with import or unreliable post or customs are blocked.

Export Category 2 - Scopes 10x or more Magnification maximum e.g., 4-12x50, 4-16x50, 6-24x50 etc

Category 2 "Fast Track" Open Individual Export License (OIEL) - If you live in the following countries all scope makes and models are covered by this category  -
Category 2 Process: We send you a simple 1 page paper to sign and date. You print it, sign and date and make a high quality definition scan/photograph and email it back and and we can ship right away. Export compliance also requires that you POST the original paper back to us so please be prepared to do this. ***Your business is important to us so we are willing to help you with your postage cost and will reimburse the cost of standard airmail. upon request***

Export Category 3 - Single Individual Export License (SIEL):
Scopes 10x or more magnification to countries not listed above and ALL bipods to any destination

If you live in a country not covered by category 1 or 2 it can be done but takes a little longer.

We send a export form that you print, sign, date and send back, but then we must apply for an export permit, that takes 2-4 weeks to be approved (they are always approved) and then we ship. Here is an example of the form you need to do.

The permit we apply for is called a SIEL. It is a catch all export process for any product or destination not covered by category 1 and 2.

UK export law and rifle scopes explained

For those of you sitting there saying this is crazy, a scope is not a weapon why do I have to do all this? There are other sellers in the UK who don't ask this etc the answer is:

Scopes of 10x or more, bipods and tripods are defined as "Military List" products and are subject to export controls before they can be sent outside the UK.

1) If you find a UK sellers who does not follow these procedure are breaking the law. The problem is that this law is not well known and some sellers break it without knowing they are doing so. We are a member of the UK Gun Traders Association and know we are 100% correct.

If you can find somewhere else in the UK or USA (they have similar rules in the USA) who will sell to you without export process then be aware that if UK or USA customs intercept it they will confiscate it and the seller will receive, at best, a warning and phone call from customs for the first offence. You will not get your product.

2. See this UK government site (opens in new window) section ML1d

Any questions? Yes, we know it is complicated, that is life! Just contact us

Special Export Scope brands
We do not hold stock of but can obtain models from the scope brands below.

These can of course be supplied to UK customers but you may find faster in stock supply at

Most UK retailers though are unable to send many of these scopes out for export due to the strict export rules governing scopes of 10x or more magnification.

Scope Brands available:
In addition mount rings from American Defense and Audere can also be sourced.

To request a price and availability contact us through the contact page with details on the exact model(s) you want - and by exact, we mean the specific model code as many of these scopes are very similar apart from reticles or other small details.