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HIK Micro Thermal Night Vision

HIK Micro Ultimate Thunder 2.1x 35mm 35mK 384x288 17um Smart Thermal NV Scope

HIK Micro Ultimate Thunder 2.1x 35mm 35mK 384x288 17um Smart Thermal NV Scope
HIK Micro Ultimate Thunder 2.1x 35mm 35mK 384x288 17um Smart Thermal NV Scope
HIK Micro Ultimate Thunder 2.1x 35mm 35mK 384x288 17um Smart Thermal NV Scope
HIK Micro Ultimate Thunder 2.1x 35mm 35mK 384x288 17um Smart Thermal NV Scope
HIK Micro Ultimate Thunder 2.1x 35mm 35mK 384x288 17um Smart Thermal NV Scope
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HIK Micro Ultimate Thunder 2.1x 35mm 35mK 384x288 17um Smart Thermal NV Scope

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Uses interchangeable system to give 3 three thermal products in one - NV scope, Clip on Thermal scope to regular telescopic scope and Handheld Monocular. With our 5% off deal should beat any UK prices. Deer sized target detection/ID max range approx. 1235m
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See our thermal education page to learn more about thermal vision technology and what all the terms mean - See HERE

The HIK Micro Ultimate Thunder uses interchangeable lens systems to deliver three thermal products in one compact system.

The 35mm Thunder thermal module is the centre of the system with its 35mm lens system and 384x288px, 17um sensor delivering excellent image quality.

The sub 35 NETD performance of the sensor ensures detection of small temperature changes and excellent performance in harsh conditions.

The Thunder shares much of its software with the range of HIK Micro monoculars and anyone who has used one of the other products will instantly feel at home.

The Thunder offers 4 colour palettes, white-hot, black hot, red hot and fusion. The thunder also connects to the T-Vision app to seamlessly share or record your shooting experience.

The ultimate thunder is supplied with a range of lenses and accessories that allow you to use it in a variety of configurations.

  1. Attach the riflescope lens and your thunder will show you a reticle and zeroing menu, add the supplied Picatinny rail and securely attach to your rifle and you are ready to start shooting.
  2. Remove the rail and disable the reticle and you have a high performance thermal monocular.
  3. Swap the interchangeable lenses and your thunder will automatically change to the clip-on software, you are now ready to use the scope clamp to add the thunder to the front of your standard optical scope, transforming it into a thermal riflescope. The easy to use zero menu allows you to adjust the Thunder’s screen to match the zero point of your rifle. Then you can quickly remove or add the thunder without any shift in your point of impact.

Thunder Clip-On Scope Clamp Sizes: Choose from drop down list

  • 40A = Suitable for Scopes with a 47mm-51mm Objective.
  • 50A = Suitable for Scopes with a 55mm-59mm Objective.
  • 60A = Suitable for Scopes with a 62mm-66mm Objective.


HIK Vision Thermal Sensor

At the heart of the Thunder is the HIK Vision 384x288px, 17µm thermal sensor (NETD Rating = 35mK).

35mK NETD Rating = One of the most sensitive sensors available on the market, detecting even the smallest temperature differences!

This combines with the large, 35mm objective lens and focus system to achieve a crystal clear image and enhanced detection distances.

Combine this with the HIK software that processes the image you see on screen and you have an unbeatable package that performs well above its price point.

T-Vision App: Connect – Control – Stream

Connect your smartphone and take control of all features of the Thunder.

The T-Vision app allows you to stream the output in real-time allowing you to share your viewpoint with a friend.

You can also record images and video, optimise the colour profile, display settings and magnification all from the easy to use app.

Hot Track

Activate Hot Tracking and your Thunder will highlight the hottest spot detected in the current frame with a green crosshair.

This is useful to highlight small heat sources as you scan around.

This feature can also be deactivated in the menu or controlled in the App.



  • Sensor: 384×288px @ 17µm
  • Objective Lens (Focal Length): 35 mm / F1.0
  • Detection Range (Human 1.8m x 0.5m): 1235 m
  • Magnification (optical): 2.14x


  • Type: Uncooled Focal Plane Arrays
  • Resolution, pixels: 384 × 288 px
  • Pixel pitch, um: 17µm
  • Frame rate, Hz: 50 Hz
  • NETD: <35mK


  • Objective lens: F1.0
  • Magnification (optical): 2.14 x
  • Magnification (Digital): 1x, 2x, 4x, 8x
  • Field of view: 10.0° × 8° (H × V)
  • Recoil resistance: 750g/ms = 6750 J


  • Type: 9.9 mm LCOS
  • Resolution, Pixels: 1024 x 768
  • Colour Palettes: Black Hot, White Hot, Red Hot, Fusion
  • Picture in picture: Yes

Reticle Options

  • Number of preloaded reticles: 5 Reticle choices
  • Reticle Colours: White, Green, Red

Video Recorder

  • Video recording: Yes
  • Picture snapshot: Yes
  • Built-in memory, GB: 16

Additional features

  • Hot tracking: Yes
  • WIKI Hot spot: Yes
  • T-Vision App support: Yes


  • Degree of protection, IP code: IPX7
  • Water protection: Protected against temporary submersion in water
  • Operating temperature range: -20 °C to 55 °C

Weight & size

  • Dimensions, mm: 187.2 mm × 62.5 mm × 59.2 mm
  • Weight, Kg: 0.41 kg

Power Supply

  • Operating time on battery (WIFI & Hot tracking disabled): 4.5 hours continuous running
  • Charging interface: USB-C
  • Battery type: Replaceable CR123A


  • Main Unit: 3 Years
  • Battery: 2 Years

In the box?

  • 1 x Thunder thermal module
  • 1 x Rifle scope lens system
  • 1 x picatinny rail
  • 1 x clip-on lens system one size of scope clamp.

Allows you to use the Thunder as a monocular, rifle scope or front clip on.

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    HIK Micro
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